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Introduction for Institute of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies

Institute of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (IAIS) is an independentsecondary research unit affiliated to Chongqing University. It was established in September 2017 according to the orientation of "talent and innovation special zone ", including relatively independent personnel and financial management, director's responsibility system,multi-level personnel appointment series (Personnel长聘系列), and separate postgraduate enrollment plan etc..

Establishing IAIS is an important move for Chongqing University.Through the implementation of interdisciplinary cooperation plan, to gathering innovative talents andset up basic scientific research teams, toInnovate operation system and promoteinterdiscipline integration, to foster new disciplinary growth pointstoaccelerate the first-class university construction.

The purpose of IAIS is tobuild a world-classresearch institute, facing the world's frontiers of science and technology, the main economic battlefield, and the major needs of country. It breaks the limitations of traditional department setting and discipline division (subject classification) and gathers excellent talents both at home and abroad toconduct prospective and innovative researches, thus to breedmajor original innovation, to incubate major projects and Sci-Tech achievements, to foster excellent and innovative talents, and to form discipline advantages and features.

There are executive office anda number of research centers in IAIS. The executive office is responsible for the daily operation, including administrativesecretary, scientific research management, financial and assets management, etc. Research centers are important carriers for gathering and cultivating outstanding talents, conducting basic, forward-looking and multidisciplinary researches, andpromoting international academic exchanges.

Institute of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies Office Building